Hydraulic Wet Disc Brakes

Dura-Disc® Series

AxleTech International's wet disc brake designs offer durable, dependable braking under a variety of off-road conditions. These brakes are performance-proven under the most severe operating conditions and can be adapted to your specific requirements to help ensure minimum vehicle downtime and maximum productive operating time. Our Dura-Disc® wet disc brakes are developed with sealed-in components to provide long service life, reduced maintenance costs and improved vehicle safety in severe operating conditions. Sump or forced cooling options are available and, with hydraulic actuation, these brakes experience virtually no in-stop fade. In addition, an optional mechanical wear indicator feature is available for most applications. This offers vehicle operators a quick and easy method to audit wet disc brake friction plate wear without either expensive vehicle downtime or actual axle/brake disassembly that might cause expensive unnecessary costs. Another feature option on some wet disc brake models are the jack screw feature that permits wet disc brakes to use less actuation fluid volumes by presetting the wet disc brake piston position. Strong piston return spring assemblies are standard in each wheel speed wet disc brake assembly to assist in the service piston position return and minimize any possible piston drag which might cause extra heat / potential wear in the wet brake cavity. Temperature sensor port provides OEM the capability to monitor the oil temperature in the wet disc brake assembly to provide awareness of heat generated in vocational duty cycle to provide an early warning to end user should brake temperatures rise above approved levels.

Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release Brakes also available:
In addition to the more standard Hydraulic Apply wet disc brake models, a Spring Apply / Hydraulic Release (SA/HR) version is available. AxleTech International's Spring Applied / Hydraulic Release wet disc brakes provide the ultimate solution for service, parking, and emergency braking coupled with all the benefits of the Dura-Disc® brake. They eliminate the need for a driveline brake by combining service, parking, and emergency braking into a single, easily controlled wheel end system.

AxleTech International's wet disc brakes have been in the most severe and diverse vocational usages ranging from; but not limited to: Lift Trucks, Container Handlers, Reach Stackers, both Rigid and Articulated Haulers, Log Loaders, Locomotive (Mining & Tunneling), Compactors, Rollers, Underground Mining and Exploration, Front End Loaders, Agricultural Spreaders, and Asphalt Pavers. Some of these wet disc brake applications are supported by unit mount brakes as well as integral to the current axle product range.