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Automotive Electronics Remanufacturing

AxleTech offers electronics remanufacturing services within a wide array of product categories including complex engine control electronics, electric power assist steering (EPAS), anti-lock braking system (ABS) components, and electronic tranmission components. Our reman services include full cleaning, tri-temperature testing, diagnosing failure modes, discrete component repair, and packaging. Every component we receive is tested separately to ensure it can be reused, or if it needs to be replaced. One of our core capabilities for electronics reman is fixing circuit boards down to the component level.

Electronics vs. Mechatronics

Over that last several years, electronics have been slowly migrating into more and more traditionally mechanically oriented sensors and actuators. These products prove challenging to mechanically focused and electronics focused remanufacturers. The AxleTech team has extensive experience with both and not only understands the particulars of each technology, but also understands the integration, interference, interdependencies, and critical characteristics of the entire systems. Electronic and mechatronic components we remanufacture include:

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) modules
  • Electronic power assist steering modules 
  • Transmission control modules
  • Instrument clusters
  • Electronic turbo actuators and throttle valves
  • Engine control modules
  • Vehicle body control modules (door, MUX, seat control, antitheft, telematics, etc.)
  • Hybrid electronic systems (invertors, power supply modules, control modules, etc.)
  • Electronic EGR valves and SRA
  • Mass air controllers
  • Electronic steering/ complete unit/ electronic and mechanical
  • Electronic braking systems