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Electric powertrain systems for off-highway vehicles

AxleTech has a long history of providing custom-engineered solutions for specialty off-highway vehicles. Staying ahead of the electrification movement, AxleTech provides electric powertrain systems for a variety of heavy-duty vehicles, including lift trucks, terminal tractors, and other specialty trucks.

Custom Solutions

  • Integrated e-motors into the complete system
  • Near wheel motor and multi-speed gearboxes
  • Quiet helical wheel ends optimized for regenerative braking
  • Complete high voltage power electronics - including electric motor gearbox controllers
  • ABS compatible with multiple brake solutions for assistance with packaging hurdles
  • Planetary wheel end gear technology reduces upstream torque requirements up to 5 times

Direct Drive Solutions

  • Rigid axles designed for the harsh electric drive duty cycle
  • Integrated driveline gearboxes help optimize vehicle performance

Solid Axle Replacement

  • Multiple motor options depending on application
  • Systems designed for optimal efficiency that greatly reduce typical driveline losses
  • Suspension integration and thermal management system

Electric Powertrain Systems:

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Independent Suspensions:

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Wheel Ends:

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