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3000 Series Steerable

3000 Series Steerable

The AxleTech 3000 series family of planetary steer axles are engineered to meet the increasing demands of the 4x4 high mobility tactical, forestry, airport fire crash rescue, snow blower, municipal truck, and medium specialty type vehicle vocations. This axle has a vocationally dependent axle load rating of up to 12,100 lb (5,500 kg). A wide range of overall axle ratios, load capacities, vehicle mountings, carrier offsets, and brakes for performance characteristics are available to match your specific vehicle installation requirements. The 3000 series steer axle has capability of common wheel mounting with the 3000 series rigid as well as other axles of the 4000/5000 families depending on brake size and hub mounting selected. Standard features, for example, include an overall axle ratio range from 5.65 to 8.73 offering maximum flexibility to meet your desired performance and optimize the vehicle performance. 

Maximum steer angles up to 42 degrees are possible depending on brakes fitted in the axle assembly. The 3000 series steer axle has 7 degree inclined king pins, up to 2 degrees of camber, and caster as required to provide improved vehicle handling. 

Multiple axle options include many features to permit optimization of this axle family to customize the axle for your specific vocational requirements. Outboard mounted brake drums have been designed to permit easier serviceability without requiring the planetary hub reduction to be disassembled to perform normal brake maintenance. Spring applied air chambers maybe selected on air actuated wedge or disc brakes to provide vehicle parking at wheels. Wheel mounted ABS is also an available option for the on-road vehicle vocational requirements. A central tire inflation option is available for those vehicles demanding increased floatation in the various rugged off-road vocational duty cycles. Carrier differential options include air actuated differential lock and a wide range of input flange sizes and styles. Multiple axle pad mounting styles are available with location flexibility on the high strength fabricated axle housing design utilized by this family of steer axles. 

Technical Specifications
  • Capacity
  • 12,100 lb / 5,500 kg
  • Differential
  • With driver-controlled lock (DCDL) or limited slip
  • Final ratio
  • 5.65, 6.00, 6.40, 6.86, 7.38, 8.00, or 8.73
  • Maximum steer angle
  • 42°
  • Brakes
  • Wedge or air disc
  • Wheel mounting
  • Hub piloted, 10 studs, 13.19 in / 335 mm
  • Minimum wheel size
  • 20 in / 508 mm
  • Typical axle weight
  • 1,102 lb / 500 kg
  • Typical oil capacity
  • 10.4 pt / 5 L to 16.6 pt / 8 L