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The AxleTech FS25 Non-Drive Steer Axle is engineered to meet the increasing demands of the various On/Off-Road market vocations. With a nominal rated capacity of 25,600 lbs. (11,600 kg.), the FS25 covers a broad vehicle range including: truck mounted hydraulic cranes, agricultural, construction, and specialty chassis applications.

Engineered for a variety of specialty vehicle applications, the FS25 features 16.5" x 6" and 7" Q Plus™ (419x152 and 178mm) heavy-duty cam brakes and tubular steel beam construction for multiple OEM vehicle mounting configurations. With a standard spindle to beam centerline drop of 1.5" (38.1mm), the suspension height may be varied. Multiple track widths are achieved by varying the beam lengths.

The 6.375" (162mm) O.D. tubular steel beam will accommodate a variety of bracket configurations. The 1.5" (38mm) drop and multiple bracket configurations make the FS25 the most versatile heavy-duty steer axle in the specialty vehicle industry. The straight tie rod design optimizes tie rod strength, and also enhances protection behind the tubular beam from external damage. The FS25 axle is available for either a single or tandem vehicle installation; also has options on dual steer arms, and tie rod arms available to improve nominal Ackerman steer. The FS25 axle has both inch/metric conventional wheel studs as available mountings to improve OEM vehicle installation flexibility.

Technical Specifications
  • Capacity
  • 25,600 lb / 11,600 kg
  • Housing
  • Fabricated tubular steel beam
  • Flange to flange
  • 92.57 in / 2,351 mm, 95.61 in / 2,428 mm, or 103.27 in / 2,623 mm
  • Wheel Mounting
  • Stud piloted, 10 stud, 11.3 in / 286 mm or hub piloted, 10 stud, 13.2 / 335 mm bolt circle
  • Steering arms
  • Dual
  • Mounting brackets
  • As requested
  • Brakes
  • 16.5 in x 6.00 in (419 mm x 152 mm) s-cam with automatic slack adjusters
  • Brake chambers
  • Type 30
  • ABS
  • Optional tone ring, sensors, and connectors
  • Typical axle weight
  • 1,295 lb / 587 kg for 95.61 in / 2,428 mm flange to flange
  • Typical oil capacity
  • 1 pt / 0.57 L per wheel end