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AxleTech planetary rigid axles are tough and versatile for good reasons-your rough workload. These heavy-duty axles feature a wide selection of gear ratios, load capacities, brakes and vehicle mountings to best serve your demanding, routine tasks. The PRA352 series rigid drive axles support vocations that require 11,000-33,000 lbs.(5,000-15,000 Kgs.) load capacities. Typical applications include lift trucks, loaders, reach trucks, compactors, backhoe loaders, and excavators.

A central steel housing contains all mechanical components (spiral bevel design main carrier gearing differential, planetary reduction gears, and wet disc brakes) which in turn allow greater clearance at the wheel ends and more choice of axle lengths. The oil immersed 9" (229mm) diameter wet disc brakes are insulated from external contaminants and yield longer life and less downtime and maintenance. The brakes are available in hydraulic apply/spring release or spring apply/hydraulic release configurations. Optional wet disc brake forced cooling ports are available for the most severe duty vocations. Multiple wet disc brake plate configurations are available that will allow the brake to be "customized" to the your specific OEM vehicle vocational requirements.

PRA352/382 options include: cast integral pad or 4-Bolt "D" hydraulic-motor input, limited slip differential and yoke/ flangeoptions. The limited slip differential has a theoretical 2.0:1.0 bias ratio. AxleTech planetary rigid axles are tough, dependable and thoroughly proven under the most severe conditions.

AxleTech is the former Rockwell® Off Highway and European Specialty Products Group.

Technical Specifications
  • Capacity
  • 33,000 lb / 15,000 kg
  • Differential
  • Open or limited slip
  • Final ratio
  • 13.86, 32.57, 35.57, or 46.00
  • Flange to flange
  • 46.46 in / 1180 mm, 61.13 in / 1553 mm, or 63.88 in / 1623 mm
  • Input flange
  • 62N / 6C wing yoke or interface for hydraulic motor
  • Brakes
  • Wet disc, spring apply hydraulic release or hydraulic apply spring release
  • Wheel mounting
  • Hub piloted, 6 or 12 stud, 8.75 in / 222 mm or 8 stud, 8.00 in / 203 mm
  • Mounting centers
  • 27.50 in / 698.6 mm, 36.25 in / 920.7 mm, or 39.00 in / 990.7 mm
  • Typical axle weight
  • 870 lb / 395 kg for 61.13 in / 1553 mm flange to flange
  • Typical oil capacity
  • 30 pt / 14.3 L