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PSV1125 Variable Track Axle

PSV1125 Variable Track Axle

Variable Track Axles for Row Crop Applicators

The AxleTech Variable Track Axle is one of OEM Off-Highway's 2018 Top 10 New Products of 2018 

AxleTech partnered with RBR Enterprise, a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, to introduce the RBR Vector 300 with variable track axles. The mechanically-driven steerable axles adjust to varying row crops in five different track widths: 114 in, 120 in, 132 in, 138 in, and 144 in. The agricultural spreader also features 4-wheel steering, allowing for tight turns in the field. The variable track axle model name is PSV1125. 

Features and benefits:

Wider axle extensions 

  • 114 in, 120 in, 132 in, 138 in, and 144 in track widths allows for a full 15-inch extension per side, 150% more than the extension of competing designs.

Mechanical drive

  • With just the push of a button, the vehicle can adjust to five necessary track locations, which enhances productivity when working in varying row widths.

Reduced turning radius

  • Adjustable steer axles allow the vehicle to turn on a dime, reducing the turning radius in almost half.

Four-wheel steer/crab steer

  • Four-wheel steer allows for increased maneuverability at the end of a pass. Crab steer allows for greater control when operating on hillsides.

Technical Specifications
  • Capacity
  • 32,000 lb / 14,515 kg
  • Housing
  • Cast ductile iron
  • Final ratio
  • 31.29
  • Steering joint type
  • Double cardan
  • Steering angle
  • 35°
  • Flange to flange
  • 124 in to 154 in Adjustable (3,150 mm to 3,912 mm)
  • Brakes
  • WDN 410 mm x 200 mm, wedge drum
  • Wheel mounting
  • Hub piloted 10 Stud - 13.19 BC (335)