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Accurate and simple determination of the braking efficiency and acceleration performance of any moving vehicle.

Many accidents happen due to defective brakes, often as a result of poor vehicle maintenance. Having and using BrakeTesta can help identify deteriorating brakes before an accident occurs, making it a valuable tool for any preventative maintenance program.


  • Full keyboard for entering vehicle and operator information for optimized data acquisition.
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Onboard printer for easy record keeping in a selfcontained package. Printer creates a graphical output to aid in test evaluation.
  • Records can be downloaded for archiving or analyzing historical vehicle and operator results.
  • Typically ready to ship within a few weeks.


Pedal Force Transducer

With added benefit of brake delay feedback and actual force applied to brake pedal.

Door Force Transducer

Fulfills required door pressure testing for bus safety standards. Also includes the Pedal Force Transducer.