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AFE Series

AFE Series

Electric Powertrain System

AxleTech is introducing the new AFE Series, a line of systems engineered electric powertrain systems designed to fit many off-highway and specialty applications, replacing the vehicle’s traditional powertrain system. The AFE Series is a bolt-in solution compatible with the current vehicle frame, suspension, wheel-ends, and OEM vehicle assembly process. The AFE Series features our new modular eCarrier system which replaces the existing mechanical carrier on many AxleTech axle models, including the 120, 145, 160, and 180 Series carriers. Our system is compatible with full battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell range extender electric vehicles (FCEV), internal combustion engine (ICE) or turbine generator range extenders (REV).

Features & Benefits

Standard wheel-ends

  • Uses standard AxleTech planetary wheelends and housings, configurable with wet disc or drum brakes.

Interchangeable Motors

  • Interchangeable water/glycol cooled motors to match speed and grade requirements for many off-highway applications.

Easy Installation

  • No modifications to the existing truck frame or suspension are required to install or retrofit.

Multi-speed gearbox

  • Multi-speed gearbox using helical or planetary gears provides improved durability and efficiency over gears.


  • Removable cover for ease of service and gear inspection.

100% Regenerative Braking

  • System designed to handle 100% regenerative braking for maximum efficiency.


Technical Specifications
  • Gearbox speeds
  • Single, 2-speed, 4-speed
  • Voltage
  • Up to 800 VDC
  • Motor peak power
  • 290 kW / 389 hp
  • Peak torque
  • 950 Nm / 701 ft-lb
  • Motor continuous power
  • 200 kW / 268 hp
  • Continuous torque
  • 630 Nm / 465 ft-lb
  • Rated speed
  • Up to 8000 rpm
  • Applications
  • Rail Car, Lift Truck, Agriculture, Loader, Hauler, Dump Truck, Mining, Construction
  • AxleTech axle models
  • PRC485, PRC673, PRC785, PRC826, PRC1015, PRC1735, PRC1756, PRC1796, PRC2075, PRC2715, PRC3806, PRC4806