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Wheel End Kit for Rockwell 2.5T & 5T Axles

Wheel End Kit for Rockwell 2.5T & 5T Axles

The AxleTech aftermarket M800/900 bolt-on wheel end kit is specifically designed for front or rear Rockwell 2.5 or 5-ton type axles (FM type axles). The M800/900 wheel end kit provides the ultimate quality and performance off-road for motorsports applications. 

Wheel End Features:

  • Direct replacement disc brake solution
  • Lower maintenance
  • Improved braking performance
  • Disc brake
  • Fade resistance

Park Brake Features:

  • Mounts on rear axle
  • Spring Applied Hydraulic Release (SAHR) actuation
  • Disc brake
  • In-cab air control system
  • Air controlled trailer braking
Technical Specifications
  • Axle type
  • Rockwell 2.5-ton or 5-ton axles (M800/M900/V150 vehicles)
  • Wheel mount
  • 10 on 11.25” B.C. M22x1.5 face mount nuts
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulic disc
  • Minimum rim size
  • 20 in / 508 mm