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The AxleTech T600 transfer case family is a 3-shaft, 2 speed transfer case that is engineered to meet the increasingly rugged demands of the High Mobility vehicle market worldwide. Typical vehicle vocations include the 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles up to 300 HP (184 KW) including construction, specialty, and military applications.

The T600 transfer case has been developed with several features that provide OEM the ability to customize to meet specific requirements. Standard important features such as an advanced bi-directional internal lubrication system assure oil flow to key bearing areas at low speeds and at initial start-up conditions. With this lubrication system, the typical initial oil drop have been eliminated, oil change intervals extended, and lower operation oil temperatures are realized. Another feature is the use of ground helical gearing to minimize external noise and heat generated during high speed travel conditions.

Input speeds up to 3,500 RPM allow for the use of many engine/transmission power-train combinations to meet caries OEM requirements. Additional features include forged gears, induction-hardened shafts and tapered roller bearings provide for a high strength, lighter weight, and longer life transfer case. Integral air actuated, 3 positions, high/low range shift unit provides for reliable shifting and for a manual neutral position to allow PTO usage when your vehicle is stationary. Electric switches are available on the air shift cylinder for the PTO, font axle disconnect, or the proportional de-clutch and gear selection positions. This compact transfer case has 9.45" (240mm) drop dimension that allows for the ability to fit large capacity/swing diameter yokes/flanges on both the input and output locations.

Optional features include a 32.4% front / 67.6% rear proportional differential with pneumatic lock, front axle de-clutch when proportional differential is not selected as an option, and either pneumatic of hydraulic operated full torque PTO with locking option and with dog clutch "positive" lock feature. A speedometer drive ratio option of 6/12 is available, as well as Automatic Drive Train Management.

A large selection of both yoke and flange options including the "Cross Cut" XS style flanges are available from AxleTech to meet the OE vehicle power-train requirements.

AxleTech transfer cases are tough, dependable, and thoroughly proven under the most severe conditions.

AxleTech is the former Rockwell Off Highway and European Specialty Products Group.

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum input torque
  • 7,700 ft·lb / 10,500 N·m
  • Maximum input speed
  • 3500 RPM
  • Drop
  • 9.40 in / 240 mm
  • Ratio
  • 1.00, 1.93
  • Torque distribution
  • 1:2