AxleTech International
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AxleTech Changes Gears

AxleTech International is redefining its identity and position in the industry with a new name and brand mark. Now known as “AxleTech,” the company’s new brand emphasizes the “tech” in its name, recognizing its focus on and investments in being a technology company that provides advanced powertrain systems, axles, brakes, components and aftermarket parts for heavy-duty commercial and defense applications.

AxleTech Defense Capabilities

AxleTech's industry-leading Independent Suspension Axle Systems (ISAS®) have proven field performance around the world through vigorous testing and have been fitted on more vehicle platforms than any other system. AxleTech's patented ISAS® and transfer case product line are the optimal drivetrain solutions for applications requiring high-mobility and maneuverability. 

Independent Front Suspension - Drivetrain System

AxleTech worked with Altec Industries, a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility industry, to develop a new independent suspension system for all-wheel-drive Class 7/8 trucks. The modular bolt-on system does not require modifying the vehicle's frame rails, and maintains the frame height of a rear-wheel-drive-truck. The AxleTech solution provides enhanced safety, vehicle handling, and roll stability compared to conventional drivetrain systems.


AxleTech Variable Track Axles

AxleTech partnered with RBR Enterprise, a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, to introduce the RBR Vector 300 with variable track axles. The mechanically-driven steerable axles adjust to varying row crops in five different track widths (15 inches on each side): 114 in, 120 in, 132 in, 138 in, and 144 in. The agricultural spreader also features 4-wheel steering, allowing for tight turns in the field.

US Gear: Manufacturing High Performance Gears in the USA

This is the story of US Gear: we manufacture high performance ring and pinions for racing professionals and enthusiasts, as well as heavy-duty gears for specialty commercial and defense applications. Our gears are made with pride in the USA.