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Remanufactured Heavy-duty Axles

Remanufactured Air Disc Brake Calipers

Remanufacturing Services for Heavy-duty Commercial and Military Applications

AxleTech Certified RemanRemanufactured axle assemblies, air disc brakes, electronics & mechatronics, and transfer cases. 

AxleTech has extensive experience remanufacturing axles, transfer cases, brake calipers, and electronics/mechatronics, for a wide range of heavy-duty off-highway and on-highway vehicles. Our remanufactured products are used on commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles, motorsports equipment, and other specialty vehicles. As a manufacturer of drivetrain components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), AxleTech has the know-how and technology to remanufacture axles, brakes, mechatronics, electronics, and transfer cases to factory-like settings thus improving the reliability of the remanufactured product.

Examples of products already remanufactured by AxleTech include heavy equipment transporter axles, rough terrain lift truck axles, transit bus drive axles, defense vehicle transfer cases, and monorail drive units. AxleTech uses a factory-certified remanufacturing process which includes best-in-class teardown and cleaning process, machining and rework process, and assembly.

Why AxleTech Certified Reman?

  • Extends the life of your equipment
  • Provides a cost-effective remanufacturing option
  • Uses repeatable quality controlled processes
  • Uses OEM genuine parts

AxleTech has remanufacturing capabilities in North America and Europe and is your source to remanufacture, renew, and reuse axles, brakes, transfer cases, and electronics/mechatronics. Our proven system to renew your drivetrain components will result in a new-like assembly at high quality and reduced cost. Click here to view our reman capabilities brochure.