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AxleTech provides differential carrier assemblies and components for off-highway, on-highway, and motorsports vehicle applications.

For off-highway vehicles, our carrier product line covers all our heavy-duty planetary axles. These axles require robust carriers to support the appropriate load and torque for each unique application.The new 145HD (heavy-duty) carrier incorporates the field-proven 160 inter-axle differential (IAD) to support high speed and high torque application. 

For on-highway vehicles, we offer 145 and 160 Series carriers, commonly used in Class 8 trucks. For transit vehicles, we cover the 176 and 177 carrier designs.

We also have a wide range of carriers and components for monster trucks and trophy truck in motorsports. 

Many of the carriers that we manufacture for our off-highway original equipment (OE) axle production are the same carriers used in on-highway vehicles. An off-highway 23-160 is the same carrier as an on-highway 23-160.

Our product offering includes complete new carriers, as well as individual components. We offer complete new carrier assemblies – Core Free. We also have kits – everything you need to assemble a new carrier yourself.

  • Major kit contains everything needed to build a new carrier
  • Minor kit (NRP – No Ring and Pinion) includes everything except for the gear set. Sub-assemble a carrier ahead of time and complete it to the specific ratio that your customer needs just by adding the gear set.

Aftermarket Carrier Assemblies:

  • Modelo
  • Relação
  • Descrição
  • A176/177
  • 4.89 - 6.14
  • For 28,600 lb / 13 T rated axles
  • 120 Series
  • 4.10 - 7.17
  • For 33,000 lb / 15 T rated axles
  • 145 Series
  • 2.64 – 4.88
  • For 44,000 lb / 20 T rated axles
  • 145HD
  • 2.64 – 4.88
  • For 44,000 lb / 20 T rated axles, with improved inter-axle differential
  • 160 Series
  • 3.91 – 4.56
  • For 50,600 lb / 23 T rated axles

Single Speed Limited Slip Carrier:

  • Modelo
  • Relação
  • Descrição