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AxleTech Changes Gears

AxleTech International is redefining its identity and position in the industry with a new name and brand mark. Now known as “AxleTech,” the company’s new brand emphasizes the “tech” in its name, recognizing its focus on and investments in being a technology company that provides advanced powertrain systems, axles, brakes, components and aftermarket parts for heavy-duty commercial and defense applications.

AxleTech Certified Remanufacturing

The AxleTech Certified Reman Program offers the highest level of product recovery in the market. We provide remanufacturing for a range of products including complete axle assemblies, brake calipers, and electronic and mechatronic components. 

AxleTech 5000 Series Electric Independent Suspension (eISAS™)

AxleTech manufactures a range of Independent Suspension Axle Systems (ISAS®) from light-duty to heavy-duty high-mobility vehicles. The 5000 Series Electric Independent Suspension (eISAS™) is a concept that AxleTech is engineering for full battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell range extender electric vehicles (FCEV), and internal combustion engine (ICE) or turbine generator range extenders (REV).

AxleTech Defense Capabilities

AxleTech's industry-leading Independent Suspension Axle Systems (ISAS®) have proven field performance around the world through vigorous testing and have been fitted on more vehicle platforms than any other system. AxleTech's patented ISAS® and transfer case product line are the optimal drivetrain solutions for applications requiring high-mobility and maneuverability. 

Independent Front Suspension - Drivetrain System

AxleTech worked with Altec Industries, a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility industry, to develop a new independent suspension system for all-wheel-drive Class 7/8 trucks. The modular bolt-on system does not require modifying the vehicle's frame rails, and maintains the frame height of a rear-wheel-drive-truck. The AxleTech solution provides enhanced safety, vehicle handling, and roll stability compared to conventional drivetrain systems.


AxleTech Variable Track Axles

AxleTech partnered with RBR Enterprise, a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, to introduce the RBR Vector 300 with variable track axles. The mechanically-driven steerable axles adjust to varying row crops in five different track widths (15 inches on each side): 114 in, 120 in, 132 in, 138 in, and 144 in. The agricultural spreader also features 4-wheel steering, allowing for tight turns in the field.

US Gear: Manufacturing High Performance Gears in the USA

This is the story of US Gear: we manufacture high performance ring and pinions for racing professionals and enthusiasts, as well as heavy-duty gears for specialty commercial and defense applications. Our gears are made with pride in the USA.